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A light beam that comes from within
... Everyday life often prevents us from seeing all the beauty that surrounds us. To brighten the smile that is within us, and which finds its expression in external beauty. So enjoy the full relaxation that we can provide especially on vacation and let's pampered with massages.

Classic, sports, cellulite, lymphatic drainage or aesthetic why not enjoy something more ...

Hot Stone massage
Since time immemorial, civilizations and ancient cultures have always been entrusted to the stones to balance chakras dystonic or speak on energy vibrations. The action of the massage on the body is obtained from basaltic rocks, volcanic, which slowly release their heat. Hot stone massage helps loosen muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and relieve the tension of the spine, the main cause of painful backache. Decongest the lymphatic deposits, improves water retention and positive effect on the arterial circulation, as well as improving venous return. Helps to detoxify the body, releasing further metabolic exchange